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Katie & Kimble Got Blog Tagged! Read the Little Interview Here

Katie & Kimble Got Blog Tagged! Read the Interview Here

A wonderful gal named April over at the book blog Cafe of Dreams has blog tagged Katie & Kimble! That means that I have to play tag by answering a few little interview questions! Then I have to blog tag someone else! So, here are my answers and here are the bloggers I am tagging! I guess I'm it!

1. Which words do you use too much in your writing?

Clearly, I use the words “clearly” and “clear” too often. It all became clear to me once I read over the first fiction I'd written.

2. Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?

The phrase “and she did just that.” I have used it in non-fiction, but it still drives me crazy.

3. What are your other favorite blogs?

Cafe of Dreams, a wonderful book blog by April, the imp who tagged me;

The Homeschool Messenger, great tips from a homeschooling mom named Susan (SusieQTpie)

The Kids Book Connection, a new kids' book review blog run by Cheryl (who also runs the Book Connection blog)

Happily Blended, a charming mom blog that always makes me laugh. Brandy is the mom of three–you should see her videos!

4. Name a favorite word:

midwifery–because I like that “whiff” sound

It comes from the word “midwife,” which is a woman who helps a mom deliver her baby.

5. And a word you're not so keen on:

anesthesia–because I like to talk fast and that word is so hard to say that when I'm talking, I have to slow way down!

“Anesthesia” is a drug doctors give to people to put them to sleep before an operation.

6. What would you like to improve about your writing and/or blog?

I would love to have more kids ask me questions so I could answer them on the Katie & Kimble blog!

7. What’s your writing ambition?

I desire to write more and more Katie & Kimble books for years to come. I am always coming up with ideas for new stories.

There! Done! I now blog tag the following blogs / bloggers:

The Homeschool Messenger

The Kids Book Connection

Happily Blended

Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story (Book 1 in the series) and Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish (Book 2 in the series) are available here:

Paperback version:  $5.95

Click here to order Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story!

Click here to order Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish (Book 2)!

Instant download version:  $2.48

Click here to order the instant download editions.

[Reading Level 3, 280L, for ages 7-10]

Nine-year-old Katie Russell and her family look
normal. But the Russells don't know they are living with Kimble,
the ghost of a ten-year-old girl.
That is, until Katie discovers Kimble
and the two of them set off on a quest to find out what happened to
Kimble's mother.

Please visit us here ( for updates.

© 2009 by Linda Thieman

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