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Kids Can Help Save the World Here! (Katie & Kimble Blog, ages 7-10) #Giveaway

Kids, You Can Help Save the World Here!

*See the Katie & Kimble giveaways on the top, left sidebar.*

If you've read the award-winning Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story, you know that Katie is the kind of girl who likes to HELP people and animals (um, and ghosts!). Now, here are three ways that YOU can help people and animals, too. 
It's fun and it's important
And you can learn great things at the same time!  I've added all three
to the Katie & Kimble Activity Corner on the right sidebar of this
blog.  That section of the sidebar is called Save the World.

1)  A 12-year-old girl named Mimi Ausland from Oregon started a website called
Kibble means pieces of dog or cat food.  Every day, Mimi adds a new Bow Wow
Trivia question about dogs.  If you answer the question
(correctly or not), Mimi will donate 10 pieces of kibble to dogs who
live in shelters.  This really adds up!  Mimi has provided dogs with
thousands and thousands of pounds of dog food.  That must be very heavy
to carry!

2)  Mimi also started a site to help feed cats.  So if you go to the website and answer the Meow Trivia question every day, Mimi will donate 10 pieces of kibble for cats!

3)  The third way that you can help is found at
Here, if you answer questions correctly, FreeRice will donate 10 grains
of rice to a hungry person for each question you answer.  This can add
up quickly, because you can keep answering questions as long as you

FreeRice has all kinds of questions.  You can start at the
lowest level and build your English vocabulary.  Or you can do the same
thing in other languages, too, like Spanish and French.

also have questions about art and famous artists, where you get to look
at famous pictures.  You can also look at maps to answer questions
about countries and world capitals.  And you can practice your math and
multiplication tables and earn rice for hungry people at the same
time!  You also get to keep track of how much rice you've donated.

So, have fun, learn things, and help dogs, cats and people!  Here's to saving the world!

Mom’s Choice Awards® has named the Katie & Kimble series among the best in family-friendly media,
products and services.
Winner: Juvenile Books Series.

Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story (Book 1 in the series) and Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish (Book 2 in the series) are available here:

Paperback version:  $5.95

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Instant download version:  $2.48

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[Reading Level 3, 280L, for ages 7-10]

Nine-year-old Katie Russell and her family look
normal. But the Russells don't know they are living with Kimble,
the ghost of a ten-year-old girl.
That is, until Katie discovers Kimble
and the two of them set off on a quest to find out what happened to
Kimble's mother.

Please visit us here ( for updates.

© 2008 – 2010 by Linda Thieman

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