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What Our Readers Think About Katie & Kimble


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What Our Young Readers Think of Katie & Kimble!

“I love reading your book.  Once I started to read it to my sister at bed time I didn’t want to stop.”
    Cristina, age 7

“Guess what?  I got to read your book!  Katie and Kimble is such a fantastic book, everybody who reads it I bet will love it!  And good ending!”
    Miya, age 8

“Your book was great.  I loved it.”
    Aaron, age 8

“I liked both of the Katie and Kimble books.  Because I thought they were neat and interesting.  I really liked your pictures.”
    David, age 8

“I love the books you write about Katie and Kimble.  You write the best books I have ever read in my whole life.”
    Melissa, age 9

“I liked both of your Katie and Kimble books because they are very creative.  Another thing is when Katie and Kimble race up and down the stairs.”
    Paul, age 9

“I enjoyed your Katie and Kimble story because it was funny.  Toby called Kimble Kibo and his parents wonder what he is trying to say.  That is funny.”
    Brittany, age 9

“I think Katie was cool.  Twinkle is a good dog trying to protect Katie.  Mr. and Mrs. Russell are good parents.”
    Nick, age 9

“That was the best book!  And the secret room is really cool, too.”
Marissa, age 10


“I really like your stories.  They are the best books I’ve read all year.  I love the way you make the stories sound so real.  It’s almost like they are real.”
    Kelsey, age 10

“I loved your Katie & Kimble stories.  They were really funny.  It would be cool to have a ghost as a friend.  I felt sorry for Kimble sometimes.”
    Tiffany, age 10




Mom’s Choice Awards® has named the Katie & Kimble series among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.


Winner: Juvenile Books Series.


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