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#Teachers: Cereal Box Book Report Idea (Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish for ages 6-10)

As so much of the plot of Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish centers around a box of cereal, I thought this clever and fun idea to build a book report around a cereal box was the perfect class or home school activity to feature here on the Katie & Kimble Blog. The activity comes from the book 24 Ready-to-Go Genre Book Reports by Susan Ludwig (Scholastic) and was adapted for the Katie & Kimble Blog by Mrs. Barbara Day, a 4th grade teacher from Des Moines, Iowa.


24 Ready-to-Go Genre Book Reports: Engaging Activities with Reproducibles, Rubrics, and Everything You Need to Help Students Get the Most Out of Their Independent Reading


My students read fiction, and created a Cereal Box Book Report. Students were to invent a cereal based on a fictional book that they had read during the month. They were to think of a name and shape for the cereal that was somehow connected to the book they had read. We covered real cereal boxes with paper, and each side of the box was to follow a specific guideline:



* Front: the name of the cereal and picture to go with it.
* Back: A game based on the story, which must include information from the story.
* Right Side: Ingredients—the characters and story setting. (Some of the kids got confused on this one and just listed food ingredients.)
* Left Side: A summary of the book, including the main conflict and resolution.
* Top: The title and author of the book, and the student’s name.



The last step was for students to plan and present a commercial for their cereal to the class. I was very pleased with the results. We had 100% completion of this project, and the kids seemed enthusiastic.
Thank you to Mrs. Day for sharing your classroom experience with us, and to Ms. Ludwig for allowing us to reproduce such an exciting classroom activity from her creative book. We appreciate it!



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